Appropriate urn size is determined by the volume, not weight, of ashes. The funeral industry standard for determining capacity is to allow one cubic inch (ci) per one pound of living weight (i.e., a 100 lb person would need 100 ci). Our product listings include urn capacities for weight as well as cubic inches or ounces.

Please note that cremation is not a perfect science, and this standard calculation will vary if other items are cremated (coffin, toys, etc), which can result in a larger volume of ashes. If you are unsure about needed capacity, please consult your funeral professional prior to purchase.

Turn-around time for custom ceramic urns is approximately 2-4 weeks depending on complexity of the design and our production schedule at any given time. Each urn is created inidividually, dried slowly to prevent cracking, then fired a minimum of two times (three for decals). This process takes at least two weeks.

We do our best to work expeditiously while also giving each urn the care and attention it needs. Rush service is available for an additional fee, please contact Laura ( for details.

Our urns are designed to float between 5-15 minutes before slowly sinking and biodegrading naturally over time. Float time varies according to weight of the ashes as well as water & weather conditions. Our large biodegradable urns are designed for a full portion of adult ashes (125-200 ci, 8-12 cups); a smaller portion of ashes will result in a longer float time. (For less than a full portion of adult ashes, we recommend including weighted material such as stones or sand in the urn so that it sinks properly. Extra bags available if needed.).

Our urns begin to break apart within several hours after sinking. Ashes begin to migrate out of the urn soon after water enters (specific timing depending on the urn style as well as water conditions). The urn will continue to disintegrate over time after sinking and becoming water logged.

Federal guidelines require that an urn be released in a large body of water at least 3 nautical miles from shore. This is to help ensure the urn will not wash ashore prior to disintegrating. Small rivers are not suitable for urn release.

Yes! Our urns will remain beautifully intact for display in your home for many years. They degrade only after being submerged in water for an extended period of time.

Unfortunately, no. The process for creating a biodegradable urn takes 3-4 months, starting with our original ceramic models that are then molded and produced in paper by our partners in Mexico.

The turtle urns can be personalized with text on the shell or flippers, and the lid of the Simple Biodegradable urns can be decorated with wood or paper elements of your choosing.

No, ceramic urns that are already fired and finished cannot be engraved because the vibration and heat of an engraving tool would causing cracking. However, we are happy to stamp names, dates or short text into an urn right after it's made, when the clay is still soft.

You will receive tracking information when your package has shippied. Unfortunately, once a package is dropped off at the carrier, we have no control over the rest of its journey. Although rare, a package occasionally be delayed in transit due to weather conditions, Customs (inernational) or seasonal volumes. We insure every package and will replace or refund urns that are damaged in transit. Thanks for your understanding.

Please contact me with questions and ideas, including images of other urns that you like, or your own inspiration pictures. Email and we will continue the conversation.

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