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Honor your beloved family member with a biodegradable urn painted to look like a real sea turtle. Each urn is uniquely hand-painted by our skilled artisans and will have its own personality, but will look similar to the pictures. The shell is a combination of greens, red-brown, and ivory. The eyes are brown and black and the flippers are mottled dark brown. Further customize your turtle with special text on the flippers (one flipper's text is included, a second flipper's text is $20). Please allow 5-7 days for text customization; if you have a memorial scheduled, please let me know the date.

Designed for water burial, the turtle will float briefly before sinking and breaking down naturally over time. Float time will vary depending on the weight of the ashes, weather, and water conditions.

This urn was designed by me and handmade in Mexico with recycled paper and plant-based glue. It is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic to sea life. Your purchase helps provide jobs with a living wage for artisans working in a traditional art form.

The turtle is an ancient and powerful image, one of the oldest symbols for Mother Earth in Native American teachings, and one of the four Celestial Guardian Animals in feng shui. In the Far East, the sea turtle, living on both land and in water, was believed to unite heaven (round shell) and earth (square underside).

Size: 17" L x 22" w x 5" H

Capacity: 200 ci, suitable for an individual weighing up to 200 pounds

Weight: 1 lb

Bottom opening, seals with paper & glue. Instructions, water-soluble bag, and glue included.

Federal law requires that ocean burial take place at least 3 nautical miles from shore.

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