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Small Classic Urn - 5.5"h

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The small River of Gold™️ urn is a rich caramel + golden yellow, with subtle "flow" patterns in some areas. It's the perfect size for a child or pet weighing up to 35 lbs. In various world cultures, gold is associated with paradise, knowledge, meditation, and a connection to the divine. Ancient Egyptians valued gold as a reflection of the sun, and buried their dead with gold for protection in the afterlife.

Our new Classic Urns™️ collection is a collaboration between Laura & studio member Nic. Inspired by ancient Chinese & Japanese ceramics and the Mediterranean palette, the collection features vibrant & multi-layered glazes that accentuate the clean, elegant lines of the urns. Each urn is made on a potter's wheel, brush glazed, and fired in an electric kiln.

Material: Stoneware

Size: 5.5"h x 3.75"w

Capacity: 2.5 cups (35 ci), suitable for an individual or pet weighing up to 35 lbs

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